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Havening and Violence and Aggression Case Study

Havening Case Study for Customer Facing Staff assaulted at work- despite trauma returned happily straight away

The results from King’s College (University of London) published in Health Science Journal November 2015:

“Our data shows that Havening intervention may well be capable of rapidly improving depression, anxiety and impaired functioning though a single-session.  Furthermore the effects of the therapy were not short-lived…”

Click on the picture of the irrepressible Dr Paul McKenna to see the article here on Pulse.  Dr McKenna is one of the early pioneers of Havening who was instrumental in driving this essential research:

Paul McKenna and Mark Wingfield

Emptying out the Trash – and putting the good stuff in too! Click on the image for a piece published on Pulse

Emptying the Trash with Havening

MAX How to Self Haven

Your Simple Guide to Self-Havening