Havening Intros

Below is an image by my Havening colleague Elena. It portrays her escape from a derailed train accident, for which she was Havened by Dr Ron Ruden. Such a critical part of her recovery from her PTSD that she is now like me a Havening Trainer.

A traumatic escape from a derailed train

Havening resolves accident trauma

On 23rd May Elena and I will be outlining in an hour how and why Havening can immediately reduce/remove emotional distress in the railway industry – and any other.  Book here to attend (limited places): MAX Training & Development Events | Eventbrite

Elena was a securities lawyer – a highly skilled and experienced member of the team who immediately after the derailment was unable to work.

A massive cost in human terms for her, but what about the driver, witnesses at the station, others injured on the train and the impact on all their families and fellow employees?

The financial cost was huge. When something awful happens on the railway or any place of work, what are the knock-on costs with repair work, missed punctuality, cancelled trains and highly dissatisfied passengers?

How much does it cost to replace, train and develop other brilliant long term employees to fill the gaps left by those affected by an incident?

WHAT IF instead of leaving them on long term sick, automatically dismissing or preventing them from working where they are most effective, you could organise a swift support package of Havening?:

– To immediately reduce the emotional distress caused by an horrific incident

– To remove all emotional residue completely

– To make this positive change permanent

– And have your highly valued employee back at work

How would that be?

Well it would be your history if you’ve been using Havening like firms I have worked with since 2015 have been doing.

We are inviting anyone who is working in HR and particularly on the railways to come along and learn about the neuroscience behind Havening (now 3 British University studies prove its efficacy) and have a go on a mild anxiety of your own when we show you how to Self-Haven.

We are also wanting to give a live demonstration on someone who needs help from a one-off incident. Perhaps this could be the lifeline that your colleague (who doesn’t want to be off work but can’t return because of their traumatisation) needs to get their life back on track.

Please contact me if you’d like to discuss this in confidence. +44 774 263 4581.

Imagine the impact this could have on your business if you could ease the suffering caused by suicides and all kinds of traumatic events? Although designed fr trauma therapy, Havening is also fantastic for great wellbeing and mental health for all those minor anxieties – and as a coaching tool to push through invisible barriers.

Timed to reach innovative rail organisations from the West Coast of the Americas to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and through to the Indian Subcontinent, please share the booking link below for this 1 hour special with your international colleagues.

We look forward to sharing our enthusiasm for this truly life-changing intervention. Could be an integral part of an alternative, effective (and very well used) Employee Assistance Programme because people will see the results with team mates and want to also benefit – quick.

Picture courtesy and copyright Elena Kindler from her Trauma Art Exhibition “Derailed” – part of her therapy in surviving the emotional consequences of the train crash she was involved in.

Book here to attend (limited places): MAX Training & Development Events | Eventbrite