Havening Techniques® Practitioner Training

Feedback from Dr Veronica Bovenzi 13th December 2022
“I trained with Mark just about one week ago. It was a truly inspiring experience! Mark created a safe environment for us and it made learning new concepts very easy, so I feel really confident to start using the Havening Techniques with my clients. The training was highly engaging and experiential, fun and tailored to our needs.  

Mark’s ability to explain complex scientific concepts with extreme simplicity and ease, made it possible for me to deeply understand the neuroscience behind Havening.

The training didn’t stop after the assigned hours, Mark searched for material and scientific papers we were curious about and sent them to us, showing his high engagement towards his students’ best learning.

I highly recommend Mark’s training, not only for his amazing skills as teacher and trainer, but also for his gentle and pleasant personality, which creates a safe haven for us to be curious and learn”. 

Who is this course for?  MAX Havening Overview for Trainee Practitioners

When Mark Wingfield first trained to be one of the first  Havening Practitioners in the world back in 2014, he trained with open minded GPs, EMDR Practitioners, Psychotherapists, Counsellors, and Coaches.  Many already had experience with a wide range of interventions including EFT, TFT, EMDR, CBT and NLP and were blown away at the speed and effectiveness of Havening.

Since 2021 he has trained the same sort of clientele and many others curious about how Havening can remove trauma and powerfully nourish the seeds of growth – for example in coaching.

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Mark also provides organisational Well-Being Days, 24 hour Mental Health First Aid+ interventions – which are powered by Havening, tailored to an organisation’s needs. Organisation-only Practitioner Training is available. 

Why should I do this course?

If you want to help traumatised clients much quicker and get excellent feedback and referrals – you should have Havening in your toolkit. If you are a coach and want to help clients make quick breakthroughs, Havening will enable you to assist your clients to achieve this quickly.

Rapidly expanding through referral throughout the world, Havening is based on neuroscience and complements so many modalities.

Proven to work (King’s College London, Cardiff Metropolitan University and Nottingham Trent University studies) Havening is a gentle and highly effective way to immediately start reducing the emotional impact of trauma.

It can be delivered with no disclosure from the client, therefore allowing many more to access therapeutic support.

Once you have passed your exam and completed all the necessary Case Studies you will become a member of the worldwide Havening Certified Practitioner Community which brings access to specialist support and advice and be eligible to to promote yourself as having become a Certified Practitioner (including a listing on the central website and promotional materials). There is a yearly registration fee of $99 payable directly to Havening.org when approved fro Certification.

What are the Havening Techniques®?

The noun Havening comes from the intention to allow individuals to access a permanent “safe haven”, whereby a set of psycho-sensory tools are skilfully applied by an experienced practitioner to enable that individual to no longer feel unhelpful emotions from prior traumatic experiences, fears and phobias.

Havening works through natural electro-chemical changes in the brain assisted by the use of soothing touch and where necessary, eye movement.

Its effects are permanent, change is usually remarkably quick – and there is no need for clients to discuss any detail of what might be distressing.

Available either in-person or remotely through a Certified Practitioner, it can even be self-administered to reduce lower level anxieties.

Its efficacy has been proven in independent, peer reviewed research from King’s College London, the Metropolitan University of Cardiff and Nottingham Trent University.

What do I learn on the course?


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Here is an outline of the practitioner course which will give you the comprehensive nature of what you will learn over the minimum 16 hours of content:

  • How Havening complements other approaches
  • Conditions that can be transformed through Havening
  • Havening Touch™, Clinical Guidelines & Ethical Practice
  • Havening the electro-chemical solution
  • The Limbic System, basic brain anatomy
  • Basic neuroscience – the synapse and receptors, electrochemical nerve conduction
  • Event Havening
  • Distraction Techniques
  • Research Papers proving the efficacy of Havening
  • Brain waves and frequencies
  • Potentiation of post synaptic neurons
  • Traumatic memory decoding
  • Fear responses and traumatisation
  • The conditions required for traumatisation – Becoming a Havening detective
  • Transpirational Havening
  • Cognitive, Autonomic, Somatosensory and Emotional responses
  • Amygdala pathways during traumatisation
  • The role of Delta waves in learning and consolidation
  • Amygdala based disorders
  • Phobias
  • Chronic Traumatic Pain
  • Panic Attack/Disorder
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Pathological Emotions
  • Somatisation
  • Molecular mechanisms, electrochemical differences and depotentiation
  • Iffirmational Havening
  • Affirmational Havening
  • Outcome Havening
  • Role Havening
  • Colour Havening
  • Talk Havening
  • Oppositional Havening
  • Hopeful Havening

Why train with Mark?

I was one of the first Havening Practitioners and have a wealth of international experience with a wide range of individual and corporate Havening clients developed since 2014.

I am a highly experienced trainer (more below) and had the privilege of supporting the very first French language training in Paris in 2015 and I also supported the first German language online Practitioner Training in 2021.

When people train with me they can expect a relaxed, friendly but very complete piece of training delivery.  I pride myself on always making sure that whenever I train I ensure that delegates can relate well to what is going on, make it as relevant as possible to their circumstances and provide plenty of practical interaction to ensure consolidated learning.  

I set up my own training company in 2006 and have developed and delivered executive and frontline staff training for clients worldwide including SIEMENS, Network Rail, Ericsson, the Salvation Army, Caterpillar, Avid, unicef, Nissan, Clarks Shoes, MTR, Trenitalia, KIA, Case, New Holland, Steyr, Atlas Copco, Staples.

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More about Mark and reviews:

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