Some references on Havening from previous clients and below some links to our emPowering Assertiveness and ConfidenceTraining

Andy Veitch

“I had never heard of Havening before Mark introduced me to the concept. Being a bit of a “seeker”, I was intrigued to experience what Mark was offering and I can firmly say it really opened my eyes to complementary therapies. I’m not clear if Havening is a modern approach or if it’s been around for a while, but for me, I really connected with Mark and the issue that I brought to the table no longer exists for me; that was due, in great part, to Mark’s professional approach and the way he conducted the session. I’d thoroughly recommend Mark as a practitioner and I rate him highly.”

Rebecca Walsh

“Mark was a sensitive and intuitive Practitioner. He helped my daughter to overcome a fear of dogs that had plagued her for most of her life. I would recommend Mark to anyone that wants to be free from phobias and enjoy their lives to the full.”

Paul Bridge

“Mark is an inspirational multi dimensional consultant with many string to his bow.

The way he provide services to our business and then expanded his range to meet many of our other needs was very effective and went well beyond our expectations.”

Becky N

“I would recommend a session with Mark using the Havening techniques. Mark is very friendly, professional and quickly makes you feel at ease. I was a little sceptical at first that my fear of needles could be sorted forever in just an hour but honestly, I did! I have since been able to watch needles on TV and hold them in my hand -2 things I could never do before. I feel that I could definitely go & give blood too without fainting or bursting into tears. Its amazing. Trust him and be open to the technique and it could work for you too. Thank you Mark”

A Edgington

“Wow what an amazing session! Mark was a kind and sensitive listener who immediately put me at ease. I had not mentioned to anyone that I was having the session but have received many comments in the days following about how I seem different, happier and lighter. I can honestly say that I feel that a door has been firmly shut on my past and I now have no specific feelings or emotions when I think about it, just a sense of it being there but no longer affecting me. I can’t thank him enough for his valuable help.”

Safe and Sound Reference

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